Get the Most Out of Your Strength Training

An all-inclusive Rowing Strength workshop for rowers

The group-based Rowing Strength Workshop for Athletic Performance & Injury Prevention is ready to be presented at your club or school! The workshop is targeted at strength training education, injury prevention and management & expert rowing-specific exercise programming. With a mix of theory and practical elements, this workshop is perfect for up-and-coming crews, or anyone looking to improve their rowing.

Building on the information provided in the Rowing Strength Handbook, the 3-hour workshop covers:

Strength & Conditioning

  • The physiology behind strength training and the benefits it carries over to rowing & ergometer performance
  • Energy systems used, and how to develop them
  • The importance of periodisation
  • A detailed 16-week strength program, including 7 separate sessions to work through

Injury Management

  • Stretching progressions for typical problem areas
  • Prehabilitation exercises to aid in preventing common injuries
  • Education on how strength training can help prevent new or reoccurring injuries 
  • Myofascial Release (MFR) techniques using trigger balls, foam rollers and other recovery methods

Practical applications

  • It’s not all theory! Come prepared to move – we’ll be covering the correct movement patterns of all the main strength lifts, stretches & more!
  • Q&A – Get your chance to ask questions on all things strength, exercise physiology & rowing related to help educate and promote athlete development in our great sport.

The Rowing Strength Workshop can be of great benefit to rowers of all ages and abilities – from school-aged or masters rowers, to high performance athletes and everything in between.


The workshop is cost-effective, while allowing the athletes to gain knowledge that can have a long-lasting positive effect in increasing performance and boat speed, and decreasing
the chance of injuries.

  • Each workshop has a minimum requirement of 8 people, and a maximum capacity of 20 people in order to make sure everyone gets the full benefits from the presentation.
  • The cost of the workshop also includes a copy of the Rowing Strength Handbook.

With limited spots available, register your interest here to find our when the next workshop is running, or organise one at your own school or rowing club.