Rowing Strength Handbook


An all-inclusive guide to functional movement, stretching and strength training for rowers.

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Athletic Performance and Injury Prevention

The first all-inclusive guide to rowing specific strength training and movement patterns.

The Rowing Strength Handbook covers:

  • All aspects of rowing strength and conditioning for improved athletic performance.
  • Injury management techniques: mobility, flexibility, prehabilitation exercises, myofascial release and more.
  • Detailed steps with accompanying full-colour images on performing complex strength movements (including Squats, Deadlifts and Cleans).
  • Information on common injuries in rowers, and how to help prevent them – including lower back pain and rib stress fractures.
  • Training principles: energy systems used and how to develop them, body composition, and periodisation plansĀ .
  • 16-week Strength & Conditioning program designed specifically for rowers, consisting of 7 different programs.

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