The first all-inclusive guide to rowing specific strength training and movement patterns.

It can be difficult to track down information on strength training specifically for rowing. ML Exercise Physiology has noticed this and created a comprehensive guide to improving mobility, strength and understanding your body – the Rowing Strength Handbook.

Everything you need to get your training on track

The Rowing Strength Handbook covers the following:

  • Injury management techniques: mobility, flexibility, prehabilitation exercises, myofascial release and more.
  • Detailed steps with accompanying full-colour images on performing complex strength movements (including Squats, Deadlifts and Cleans).
  • Information on common injuries in rowers, and how to help prevent them – including lower back pain and rib stress fractures.
  • Training principles: energy systems used and how to develop them, body composition, and periodisation plans.
  • 16-week Strength & Conditioning program designed specifically for rowers, consisting of 7 different programs.

The Rowing Strength Handbook will help provide rowers and coaches alike with high quality performance & injury prevention education. The handbook is designed to benefit all rowers of all ages and abilities.

Want more from your crew?

Rowing Strength Handbook sample pagesFor an even more in-depth look at improving strength and performance in rowing, book a Rowing Strength Workshop with Mario for your club or school! The workshop will build upon the information provided in the handbook, with practical demonstrations and explanations.

Order yours today

ML Exercise Physiology have been sending copies of the handbook all over the world. If you would like to get your hands on a copy of the handbook, head to the online store!